jwtorneria asked:

Love the blog and love the latest outfit post! is that a Luxire shirt? it looks amazing!! would you mind sharing deets on the collar?

Thanks a lot. I am happy you like my posts.

Check out my post from a while ago.

The plain white and this blue herringbone shirt have identical collars. Feel free to use the specifications. Depending on the fabrics you’re going to choose, I recommend to use medium lining (but still unfused) for lighter/thinner fabrics (e.g. Chambray) and light, unfused lining for heavier fabrics (e.g. Oxford).

hungdangviet asked:

Hi, I really enjoy your blog. You have an amazing style. Could you please give me an advice? I'm planning to buy a pair of double monk strap shoes but I usually see guys roll up their trousers when wearing them. Do you think it still looks good if I don't do so?

Thanks! I’m happy you like my blog.

Yes, I do think it’s perfectly fine. Don’t fool yourself by giving too much attention to the Pitti-images, where everybody was wearing very shortly cut trousers. Some guys (e.g. the fashion industry) go with this trend, other guys don’t.

You will have to look at two things when it comes to the length of trousers and double monks (or shoes in general).

I wear double monks with suits or in combinations with dress pants and sportcoats. Some of my trousers have cuffs, some are without cuffs.

In my opinion, the first thing you should find out for yourself is which length/break of your trousers you prefer.

Personally, I don’t like a semi or full break much. This, for example, is (in my opinion) the perfect length for trousers: http://instagram.com/p/sLvDNdAcW5/ Knowing that I like this kind of length/break (or no break in this case), I would wear my trousers in the same length with all kinds of shoes. Thus, if all your trousers are longer than you like them, you have two choices (1) get them tailored accordingly or (2) roll them up. Adjusting your trousers’ length on suits and dress pants should be usual. This can also be done with jeans, chinos or other casual pants. However, I know this from myself: since I wear business or business casual outfits on 5-6 days per week, I’m often too lazy to bring my casual trousers to the tailor to shorten the legs. Thus, for my casual trousers, I just roll them up, if the legs are too long for my taste.

All in all, it sowewhat depends on which kind of trousers you are wearing: suit/dress pants or casual and also whether these pants are cuffed or not.  

This are another good examples for uncuffed trousers combined with double monks:

Here you have a good example for cuffed trousers with double monks:


Some more random examples business and casual looks:

I hope this helps.


Yes, these are denim trousers. Yes, that’s an awesome lapel game as well. #Lopezaragon #omega #speedmaster #wristshot #wristporn #watchporn #cruciani #denim #highwaist #trousers #madetomeasure #mtm #bespoke #sartorial #knittedtie #tieporn #madeinitaly #handmade #madeinspain #lapelroll #sprezzatura #icons #menswear #hackett #shirt #albinicotton #bracelet


Yes, these are denim trousers. Yes, that’s an awesome lapel game as well.
#Lopezaragon #omega #speedmaster #wristshot #wristporn #watchporn #cruciani #denim #highwaist #trousers #madetomeasure #mtm #bespoke #sartorial #knittedtie #tieporn #madeinitaly #handmade #madeinspain #lapelroll #sprezzatura #icons #menswear #hackett #shirt #albinicotton #bracelet

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